Amanda + David First Look Wedding Video

Video by: Ryann B Photography

This first look is EVERYTHING. I always scan over the audio before I see what clips I have to go with it, and man did these two hit me in the gut with emotion. I have known Amanda and David for a long time. We all went to the same school and grew up in the same tiny town. I never actually knew how deep their love for one another ran until I filmed their wedding.

The giggly laughs from Amanda because she loves David so much and cannot wait to just see him and share their excitement for the day with one another. The "you look amazing dude" from David because he knew Amanda was stunning, but even more so on the biggest day of their lives.

I cannot wait to piece the rest of their day together.

Also, PLEASE check out these two's YouTube pages.

Bride: @itsamanda

Groom: @ddelph23outdoors

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