Bailyn Cain Studio Session

Photo's by Ryann B Photography

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This is Bailyn and I's second session together! She is literally SO much fun to work with! She is great with posing and directions. Her energy is unmatched!

This time around, Bailyn brought her mom to do some pictures. I LOVED that idea. I never tell my seniors they can't do a couple pictures with people who are a huge part of their life. I always want the session to represent YOU.

She chose to do the studio for her winter session. Totally understandable considering the weather here LOL.

I am ALL for the studio as many of you know. It is the best decision I made in 2021. Besides, going full time with photography, and traveling to Utah.....ya know what it's ONE of the best decisions I made in 2021.

Now that we are getting closer to graduation, I wanted to know if Bailyn had considered what she wanted to major in for college. She told me nursing. She has such a great personality for it and I know whatever she chooses to do in the end will be perfect! It's always so heart warming to hear people going into the medical field.

I have one more session with her before she graduates, so we will update ya on if she has her decision finalized by then. I cannot wait for out last session, but also a little sad because we are almost finished shooting together :(

Anywhoooo - check out some of Bailyn's Studio Session below!

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