Kelsey + Brock

When I hit 500 followers on Instagram, I put on a giveaway. The winner would win an entire year of free sessions with me. I put everyone's name into an online spinning wheel, and it landed on Kelsey's name. I had a lot of saved ideas on what I wanted to do for the lucky winner. I instantly shared them all with her. We decided we would just pick one and go from there.

Trends come and go. One I had been loving was mattress in the water with your lover! I knew I wanted to try this out with Kelsey and her boyfriend Brock.

They were so much fun during this shoot. They helped with the mattress and even brought some fun crocs to help them step through the rocks!

We have so many more fun sessions ahead of us! I absolutely cannot wait!

Check out their super fun + creative couples session!

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