Kylah + Corbin Coxhall Gardens Carmel, IN

Kylah reached out to me about doing a couples session for her and her boyfriend. She informed me they were in Westfield, so I knew I needed to drive that way and find a new spot for some pictures.

We landed on Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, IN.

The week started off with some heavy rains. Kylah asked if it did rain on the day of our shoot if we could reschedule. Instead of pushing their session back, I decided to offer the day before. I actually had a wedding, but didn't need to be there until the afternoon.

I usually scout my locations before my shoots. I don't like to not know where I am going or what I am doing. However, for this particular shoot I figured we wouldn't have too much trouble fining our way.

I did have a rough time finding the exact location I knew I wanted some pictures in LOL. But after talking with Kylah and Corbin, we ended up finding several locations that worked for the vibe we were going for. Corbin even found a spot that I ended up liking more than some of the ones I chose! Shout out to you!

Kylah told me their 2 year anniversary was coming up. She also said that they met on Bumble! This is not the first I have heard of couples actually having success on dating apps. Heck, my parents met on I loved hearing their story. To Kylah and Corbin: you guys were so amazing! Thanks again for letting me capture your love!

I had so much fun during their shoot. and I hope that when the time comes, they will trust me to do future sessions for them! Take a look at some of my favorites!

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