Midwest Winter Wonderland Couples Session

Photos by: Ryann B Photography

Paige + Clayton

When it snows in Indiana you have to take the opportunity and grab a couple for a fun shoot. The weather is always so unpredictable it's hard knowing how much you are getting and how long it will stay.

I met these two through a mutual friend. We were able to have fun during that friends wedding and now we all love to hang out together. When you grow up, everyone tends to move farther from each other. Which is the case for our group. But when we have the chance, we come together to share stories and laughs like we haven't missed a second.

I had put on my story that I was looking for a couple who wanted to brave the cold with me. Paige immediately let me know she was interested. She may or may not have had to sweet talk Clayton into joining our shenanigans, but I think he secretly had fun!

We originally had planned to shoot at the park. However, when we arrived it was packed with people sledding and hardly anywhere to park. Luckily, Paige's father lived right down the road, and these pictures were taken right in his front yard.

You can make beautiful art no matter the location!

Check it out:

Ryann B Photography





Thank you So much for being here. I am trying so hard to keep up with blogging this year.

I love you all and cannot express my gratitude for your support.



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